Wangaratta Small Bore Rifle Club Inc.

Locating Us


The Wangaratta Small Bore Rifle Club Inc., is located off College Street Wangaratta.

From the main street (Murphy Street) in Wangaratta, turn into Reid Street towards Yarrawonga on the main Wangaratta - Yarrawonga Road until you turn the corner  past Evans Street. On your right you will have passed the Rovers Club football ground and next Street on the right is Schilling Drive which takes you towards the H. P. Barr Reserve. You go past this street to the next street turning right into Park Lane. You drive down Park Lane until you come to College Street where you turn right. About 200 metres down this street you turn right at the Scout hall onto a unsealed road and drive until you  come to the Wangaratta Small Bore Rifle Club Inc.


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Small Bore Rifle Club Inc